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Toronto's East End, Elite Boutique Residence.

1001 Broadview is Toronto’s crown jewel of condominiums and luxury living space, this outstanding estate comes with many unique and exclusive luxury living features such as remotely accessible intelligent thermostats, master lighting switches, energy efficient appliances and much more.Accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing interior design crafted with exceptional attention to detail so that quality craftsmanship can be effortlessly spotted at every corner inch of this chic property.

This particular residence renders luxury, simplicity and functionality from inside and out and features a warm welcoming reception area accommodated by well experienced and super friendly staff happy to serve you and your guests at anytime of the day, the property is also equipped with tons of recreational space such as the ​Fitness Centre stocked with all brand new and up to date fitness equipment, a lively Movie Theater, comfortable and very luxurious Guest Suits ,Catering Kitchen ran by only the most skilled and talented chefs of the city , Event Space ,Concierge Services, Fully-wired car charging stations located in the underground parking spaces and many more.

This magnificent condominium is only a walking distance away from some of the best restaurants, entertainment spots, viewing sites, and other amazing experiences which you can get exclusively in this area of the city. developed by H&Co developments this special project is backed by one of the top investment bankers of Toronto.

Mr. Ardy Khavari who has played a key role in the project by being actively involved from assembling of the land to structure equity and debt of 1001 broadview.

Needless to say, this estate is a once in a lifetime investment opportunity ready to present itself to its valued and dear residences. Asides from the fact that this luxurious condo continues to skyrocket in value over time, you are also getting the most important investment of all, a priceless investment towards yourself as a person, towards your career and towards your future because this property is the place to be if you want to get away from all the stresses of the crowded, claustrophobic atmosphere of downtown and feel the freshness and open rustic feel of the rurals while still being at the heart of the city and close to everything from healthcare to shopping centres to places of leisure and hobbies that you no longer need to get away from in order to get away from downtown stress.

This condo is most definitely the place to call home and considering all its unique specs and features such as its magnificent roof gardens, exclusive and high-end amenities, or its 93/100 transit score , and overall 5 star rating, this place has a lot to offer ,even when compared to some of the top luxury condos in Toronto both in terms of aesthetics and specs.

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