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Food Bank: The Story Of The Full Table Project

Access to food is a basic human right, not privilege.
Full Table project, none profitable organization

While the the entire world is in the midst of a pandemic, facing an unprecedented threat, we have all been reminded of the value of our health and wellbeing, along with the importance of kindness and unity.

As lockdowns and travel restrictions have been put in place by governments, the phrase “love thy neighbour” has never been more fitting.

Entire communities have worked hand-in-hand in their efforts to limit the negative effects of the novel Coronavirus - to control its spread and to provide support for those in the community who may not have the resources or means to survive through such conditions. Initiatives such as the Full Table Project, a fully non-profit charity operating out of the Greater Toronto Area, have worked generously to provide much needed food and supplies to the less fortunate, during a time when the dangers of contracting the virus are just as great as those presented by the frigid Canadian winter.

The homeless community in particular has been greatly affected by COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns, facing shortages of supplies and aid, along with severe overcrowding in shelters, which has further exacerbated their already difficult struggles, making it more difficult than ever before to be living on the streets. Since 2017, Full Table Project, or FTP for short, has been working to expand the efforts of an elderly Mississauga couple who were operating a “Free Food” table, by setting up more locations and offering an expanding list of food and essential items to those in need throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Whitby. Recently, FTP has been working to expand their operations even further in order to be able to serve even more locations and help individuals deal with the extra pressures presented by COVID-19.

Khavari family donating food at Whitby table of Full Table Project
Khavari family donating food in Whitby for the Full Table Project

Through spreading their message on social media via their Instagram account, and arranging collaborations with other charity groups, FTP has been increasingly gaining popularity and raising support and awareness for their admirable cause. The CFYA Books For Life x FTP collaboration saw a joint project between the two organizations to also address the issues of access to education and literacy, by providing access to free educational books and reading material at the Full Table Project donation locations. Miss World Toronto Kailyn Miaa, who is also the founder of CFYA Books For Life, attended the event and extended her avid support for FTP and their great efforts in providing much needed assistance in the community, directly to the people, at a much needed time.

Miss World Toronto, Kailyn Miaa,

Full Table Project continues to operate based on donations, making no profit of their own, thus community support is a key factor in determining its rate of growth. As more and more people become aware of the struggles faced by the homeless community, and the efforts of programs like FTP, the pool of support also becomes greater and a greater impact can be made. Projects such as these, with individuals providing help and support to those who are less fortunate, purely out of the kindness of their hearts, for no personal gain whatsoever, provide a much needed sense of warmth and hope in the middle of uncertain times. Full Table Project’s selflessness is exemplary of what is needed to not only conquer this pandemic, but heal our world as a whole, starting with the most basic human right of access to food and essential resources.

For more information on Full Table Project, and how you can join their cause, follow them on Instagram @fulltableproject.

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