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Merchant Banking Firm Raises Money for Indigenous Youth at Toronto Beach Club!

On the evening of November 25th, 2021, a group of committed individuals strived to fulfill a small part of every Canadian resident’s obligation to the beautiful peoples whose magnificent, fruitful land we reside on, whose land has given so many of us freedom, security, and hope for a better future.

The peoples who suffered so greatly, whose oppression was silenced for far too long, and even still, is not nearly as recognized as it should be.

Neo’s Foundation, which consists of co-founders Ardy Khavari, Aaron Azad and Andy Gosain, as well as Board Members Nima Rezazadeh, Sep Mack, and Yuri Kvyetko, is a group which acts to support various non-profit organizations, in support of charitable causes around the world.

The group themselves is not a charity organization, and they do not accept any direct donations themselves, but rather, facilitate donations and sponsorships through their network of corporate and private contacts.

Most recently, the have collaborated with I Love First Peoples, a non-profit organization which works to support Indigenous youth and assist remote communities across Canada.

Together, they hosted a charity gala dinner at The Toronto Beach Club, to raise funds for I Love First Peoples and their initiatives within the First Nations communities.

Donations from 8608 Capital Group, Heart & Crown Capital, and Daffodil Developments, helped to make the night possible, along with the kind donation of items from Christian Louboutin, The Boho Lab, Gina shoes, a signed Raptors jersey from star Fred VanVleet and paintings by artist Vahid Bahmani, for the silent auction which took place throughout the night.

Rose Prick flower shop and XXI Dulce also contributed with their donations of marvellous floral centrepieces, gift bags, and delectable sweets for the guests who attended.

Youth champion violinist Yusuf Tajbakhsh, world renowned Indigenous Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand Jr., Shakur Savi, and DJs Helen Saygan and Dj Kasa, graced guests with breathtaking performances, helping to further add to the impact of the event, and make the night all the more memorable.

Proceeds from the evening were donated to I Love First Peoples, to aid in their honourable efforts. The silent auction is also still live, and proceeds from the sales of auction items are also set to be donated to ILFP.

Initiatives such as these are heartwarming and important acts, especially given the countless atrocities committed against First Peoples throughout history, specifically the recent horrors which have come to light regarding the thousands of Indigenous children who died at residential schools.

As more people become aware of the situation, more support can be raised to help to the communities which were directly affected, such as that of Neo’s Foundation and I Love First Peoples. The road to reconciliation is long, but through collective effort, we can make great progress towards the end goal.

Photos by : Emma Pugs

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