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Marc Canale Partner & COO at Downing Street

From Shanghai, to Singapore, and back to his hometown of Toronto, Marc Canale has established an international reputation for excellence and professionalism in the world of real estate and finance, overseeing, facilitating , and managing the successful completion of numerous deals and projects of all scopes. With over 20 years of invaluable experience in the industry, Marc has mastered all aspects of real estate - from securing mortgage and construction financing, to structuring large-scale commercial deals - and gained an extensive network of trusted contacts spanning across North America and Asia.

His long list of reputable clients includes large international firms, private family offices, and individual investors, with whom he has worked closely on various transactions.

Marc entered into the world of real estate as a commercial broker for a renowned Toronto-based real estate firm in September of 1999, shortly after graduating from Western University with a B.A. in Urban Development. After 5 years of working in the real estate industry, Marc broadened his horizons and moved to Shanghai, China in December of 2004 to take up a position as a Director at Colliers International, and international real estate and investment management .

Here Marc became fully immersed in the environment of the Asian markets and gained firsthand experience, quickly becoming accustomed to the culture and familiarizing himself with the business landscape. The nearly 4 years he spent in Shanghai opened the door for his next position, this time in Singapore, where Marc became Director of Asia Pacific Markets at JLL (another renowned international real estate firm) in September of 2008. Over the curse of his 5 years in Asia, Marc was exposed to many different types of clients and more complex, non-traditional deals, which allowed him to gain an even deeper overall understanding of international real estate and finance, along with helping him to solidify relationships with new lenders and clients in numerous Asian countries.

Following his work in Asia, Marc returned to Toronto and entered back into the Canadian real estate industry. Having long been a hub for international business, the city of Toronto, specifically in its real estate sector, has always been attractive to foreign investors, many of them coming from China and other Asian countries. Marc’s newly gained experience in Asia gave him a great advantage in dealing with these foreign investors, making him a great asset in dealing with the diverse market. In late 2011, Marc became Partner and COO at Downing Street Group, a Toronto-based Investment firm active in real estate, where he remains today.

The Downing Street Group consists of 4 branches: Downing Street Realty Partners, Downing Street Brownfield Partners, Downing Street Residential Partners, and Downing Street Financial Inc. These branches each focus on providing different real estate services which encompass the acquisition and management of underperforming assets, the revitalization of contaminated lands to be converted into suitable development properties, the co-development and financing of residential real estate projects, private equity and debt lending solutions, and consulting services. Marc’s role as Partner and COO consists of managing the mortgage lending activities of the firm, handling investor relations and overall operations, and also working directly to raise capital for the firm’s various equity and debt platforms. With his unique international experience, Marc is able to efficiently communicate with the firm’s diverse client base and ensure the satisfaction of each client - making him a go-to contact for the numbers of international clients active in Toronto’s real estate and finance sectors. Marc has led Downing Street Group in several large deals, such as the raising of fund for purchase of large properties over 100,000 sq. ft., the management of residential development projects, and the raising of funds for large-scale development and construction projects across the Greater Toronto Area.

As a city experiencing continued growth and foreign interest, Toronto is a prime location for intentional real estate investors and developers, showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. With such a diverse landscape of investors, firms with strong international ties and experience have flourished and become renowned, trusted names in the world of real estate and finance. Such has been the case for the Downing Street Group, due in large part to their COO and Partner of almost a decade, Marc Canale, whose years of experience in Asia and in the GTA real estate market have allowed him to provide his clients with the highest level of service, and helping them to execute the most secure, stable, and high-return deals possible, on projects of all sizes.

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